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Founded in 1994 and covering an area of 16,000m2, UTIEN is an ISO9001 certified packaging machine and sealing machine manufacturer, based in China. We specialize in the design, development and manufacture of thermoforming packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, plastic tube sealing machine, and many related products.

Providing high quality equipment is our priority at UTIEN. The following section will familiarize you with the steps we take to ensure the quality of our products.
1. We acquire materials from local suppliers which we have long term relationships with. This not only ensures their quality, but also reduces cost. We always are searching for more high-quality material providers.
2. Famous brand electrical elements and pneumatic components are purchased directly from the manufacturer or their primary sales agents, ensuring component reliability and timely delivery.
3. A whole packaging machine or a sealing machine is composed of thousands of parts and components, so the quality of each piece is vital to the reliability of the entire machine. At UTIEN, we use 2 CNC machining centers for mold making and key component processing, and several milling machines to ensure all components are uniform and precise in size. In addition, several argon ARC welding machines are utilized for stainless steel welding, and polishing equipment is used for surface finishing. Shearing machines and bending machines are also used for processing the housings of UTIEN banner sealing machine, plastic tube sealing machine, and food packing machine. Our investment in production facilities allows us to produce most of our own key components in-house, so we have full control of their quality and availability.
4. We have a scientific management system of our component suppliers, which effectively ensures the quality of UTIEN thermoforming packaging machine, tray sealing machine, vacuum packaging machine, etc. They are to only use material approved or provided by us, and must first supply a sample product made according to our drawings and specifications.
5. All assembled blister packaging machine and ultrasonic plastic tube sealer are tested and inspected before being delivered.
6. UTIEN utilizes a 5S workplace organization model, to ensure each employee fully understands their duties, and we also provide frequent employee training to improve skill and professionalism. These steps help to improve efficiency and guarantee the quality of UTIEN thermoforming packaging machine and tray sealing machine.
As a result of our efforts, UTIEN packaging equipment and sealing machines have been CE certified.

Our location in Hangzhou city offers us convenient transportation by sea, land and air. This results in lowered transportation costs for us and our clients, as well as speedy delivery. If you have a need for any of our products or need further information, please contact us for information.

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  • Vacuum Packaging Machine Vacuum packaging machine is designed to package electronic parts and components, medical instruments and materials, and so on.
    There are three types of vacuum packaging machine. They are desktop type, floor stand type and vertical vacuum type packaging equipment. Given below are some detailed introductions on our external vacuum packing machinery which is CE certified ...