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Manual Tray Sealing Machine

This manual tray sealing machine is designed with various packaging types, such as simple sealing type, vacuum type, inflatable type and modified atmosphere type.

Different types can be used for different purposes
1. The simple sealing type seals the existed tray simply.
2. The vacuum type seals the tray with air removed in the tray at the same time.
3. The inflatable type manual tray sealing machine also seals the tray with air removed, but it will inflate inert gas into the tray.
4. The modified atmosphere type removes air first and then inflates a specified proportion of gas when seal the tray.

1. UTIEN can offer manual tray sealing machine at competitive price in short time.
2. Novel design.
3. Adopt serve motor, PLC controller and touch screen produced by Omron or Delta, the manual tray sealing machine operates highly reliable.
4. Additionally, it is also equipped with pneumatic component produced by SMC and vacuum pump by Busch.
5. This manual tray sealing machine has been certificated by CE.
6. The easily damaged parts can be expressed to customers.

With various types of packaging, this manual tray sealing machine is used in many fields. The sealing equipment can be used to package various consumer goods, medical supplies, medical consumer goods, small hardware, electronic products and foods like dried foods, sea etc.

Export Countries
Europe, America, Middle East

Technical Specifications
Operated voltage: 220/380/400 V

Note: It will only cost 1 month to wait for the finished product after the order. We offer two payment methods. One is 50%T/T before production and another is 50% T/T before shipment.

Working Flow Chart

1. Forming Film
2. Preheating (option)
3. Thermoforming
4. Loading area
5. Code printer (option)
6. Top film
7. Sealing station (Vacuum/gas flushing/MAP option)
8. Cutting station

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  • Automatic Tray Sealing Machine UTIEN automatic tray sealing machine could be used to seal the package of various goods, including olive, dry fruit, meat, cheese, preserved food, spiced meat, seafood, goose liver, cooked food, fruits and vegetables, medical equipment, medical materials, small sized hardware, electronic components, and more.
    UTIEN automatic tray sealing machine could provide consistent performance under 220, 380 or 400v voltage ...