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Thermoforming Packaging Machine

Flexible Film Packaging Machine, Rigid Film Packaging Machine, Extreme Deep Tray Packaging Machine, Extreme Rigid Film Packaging Machine, MAP Packaging Machine

Working principle
The thermoforming packaging machine combines the function of a filling machine, sealing machine and cutting machine. The packaging membrane is firstly processed by the thermoforming packaging equipment and then will be reshaped into a membrane-container of different sizes and shapes. Thus, the product to be packaged can be put into the container and then sent to the sealing equipment for sealing, and finally go though cutting device to cut out the scrapes.

UTIEN thermoforming packaging machine can be classified into five different types that are flexible film packaging machine, rigid film packaging machine, extreme deep tray packaging machine, extreme rigid film packaging machine and map packaging machine.

UTIEN thermoforming packaging machine could be applied into various industries. TO illustrate, it can be used for packaging daily consumption goods, medical equipment, medical goods, hardware, digital products, bakery food, quick-frozen food, confection, fresh meat, dairy product, cure food, bean-made food, seafood, half-made food, fruits and vegetables, etc.

The advantage of thermoforming packaging machine is mostly presented by its price, delivery time and post-purchase service
The equipment is equipped with Omron or Delta PLC and touch-screen, SMC pneumatic components, Omron servo motor, and Busch vacuum pump. In addition, the thermoforming packaging machine is all made of stainless steel.
It also incorporates advanced design and reasonable pricing with guaranteed post purchase service to meet various demands of product users.
Due to high quality and reasonable prices, UTIEN thermoforming packaging machine has received CE certification and has been widely exported to the U.S, Australia, Spain, Ukrain, Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Bulgaria, Turkey, etc.

Vacuum pump Busch
Pneumatic component SMC
Serve motor Delta
PLC controller Delta
Touch screen Delta
Clamping chain 1/2" stainless steel
Cooling system Water
Electrical fittings Schneider
Mould material Aluminum, the surface is oxidation &coating
Film waste re-winder 304 Stainless steel

Ordering information
1. We at UTIEN can deliver goods in 30-90 days according to the order quantity.
2. Payment terms
50% T/T before production and 50% T/T before shipment.

In addition, for customer convenience, UTIEN has a special storage house for wearing parts and other components. Hence, if you have any thermoforming packaging machine and its component need, please feel free to contact us.

Maximum advance 800mm
Depth range Depending on thermoforming area, Max. 250 mm
Film width up to 600mm
Loading length Standard 1 meter, (expandable)
Electrical specifications 3×220V/380V +Neutral+Ground-50/60Hz
Electrical power 10-20Kw
Pneumatic consumption 800-1000L/min /6bars
Approximate weight 800-1500Kg

1. Flexible Film Packaging Machine (Thermoforming)
The flexible film packaging machine is mostly applied in vacuum packaging. This machine uses high resistance plastic membrane as the packing material to prevent oxidization and prolong shelf life of product. Our flexible film packaging machine could be applied in the packaging of coconut core, olive, dry fruit, meat, cheese, preserved food, spiced meat, seafood, goose liver, cooked food, medical equipment, hardware, electronic instruments, and more.

2. Rigid Film Packaging Machine (Thermoforming)
The rigid film packaging machine is applied in food packaging or in various kinds of life consumption goods, medical equipment, medical consumptions goods as blister package.
The product to be packaged can be clearly seen through the transparent plastic cover.

3. Extreme Deep Tray Packaging Machine (Thermoforming)
The extreme deep tray packaging machine uses pneumatic plug system & pre-heating system, to promise the deep bottom even without weak angle. The max depth can be up to 150mm.

4. Extreme Rigid Film Packaging Machine (Thermoforming)
The extreme rigid film packaging machine uses pneumatic plug system & pre-heating system, to promise the rigid film even without weak angle.

5. MAP Thermoforming Packaging Machine
Thermoforming MAP packaging machinery has the similar working principle with as flush packaging equipment. It is applicable for packaging of olive, fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, snacks, etc.

Working Flow Chart

1. Forming Film
2. Preheating (option)
3. Thermoforming
4. Loading area
5. Code printer (option)
6. Top film
7. Sealing station (Vacuum/gas flushing/MAP option)
8. Cutting station

Besides thermoforming packaging machine, our company also offers banner sealing machine, plastic tube sealing machine, vacuum packaging machine, and more.

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